Our tenderness for the Earth and for our futuree
Love River Tamagawa Association

# Outline

Tama river (Tamagawa) is one of the most important sources of nature for those of us who are living in the Tokyo metropolitan area. "Love River" is the symbol and expression of our caring heart for the river.
About 28 years ago, Love River Tamagawa Association was established by several people who had the

same wish of improving our beautiful natural environment for the future of their children.
Even if we contribute all of our effort, we can't make Tama River as beautiful as it used to be. However, we are able to try not to pollute our river any more.

Let's start by not littering our precious river with trash!
Let's have a loving heart for our river!

When people are conscious of the importance of our natural environment, people start to care for our river and start to take care of it. Then the river can revive. This is the wish of Love River Tamagawa Association.

On the bank of the Tama River, we conduct cleaning and other events. Through those events, we try to raise sensitivity and understanding for the importance of nature among people. People contribute their effort and time without being forced to do so. This is one of the most important goal of this association.

Our activity covers the area around Hyogojima island in Futakotamagawa.

# Short history of our organization

In the late 1950's, people began to notice the pollution of Tama river. It was the time when the Japanese economy started to boom. People who were conscious of this sudden change felt sad about it. However, it didn't become a big movement.
In 1972, with the message " reviving flower and medaka in Tama river! ",
members from the Tokyo Junior Chamber of Commerce suggested to clean the river.

Yasuhiro Nishio, who has worked for Nippon Broadcasting System, Inc. sympathized with this opinion. He persuaded his company to do some public campaign in order to address this crucial environmental problem. In 1973, Nishio conducted a public advertising campaign " Love River Campaign " and collaborated with the Tokyo JC. Nippon Broadcasting System, Inc. decided to use " All Night Nippon ", one of the popular radio programs in Japan, as the campaign program for this activity, urging young people to protect nature.

After a year, this campaign was concluded. In order to continue this activity, Nishio realized the importance of establishing a foundation for public utility and organized a public association consisting of community members.

The late Mr. Noboru Goto, who was the president of Tokyu Group, considered establishing a foundation for the environmental improvement of Tama river. Mr. Nishio helped Mr. Goto to establish " Tokyu Environment Foundation " in August 1974.

After about a year, a public group called "Love River Tamagawa Association " started with the help of many people such as the late Mr. Yaichiro Takeba who was the director of Tamagawa Takashimaya department store. The late Mr. Tatsuya Noguchi, who was a professor emeritus at Tokyo Kogyo University and a chairman for welfare dept. of Southern Rotary Club in Setagaya ward, became the first representative of this association.

Secretarial affairs were managed by PRAP Japan Inc. and Mr. Nishio became the first director general of the Secretariat Office.

# Origin of the name of "Love River"

" Love river " is the symbol of our heartfelt caring for precious rivers.
Let's start to become more familiar with our rivers!
Before accusing companies and government of being ignorant about our polluted rivers, we should think about what we can do to clean our river with our hands. Our message of " Love River " is to appeal to the public to become familiar with rivers and to be aware of our environment which is faced with serious pollution problems.

# Goal of organization

Love River Tamagawa Association believes that environmental issues can't be solved by blaming our government for neglecting its responsibility or by any sort of conflicts. Any movement that places on us too much burdens or duties would fail to improve our environment as well.

Before blaming or forcing other people, we have to think and carry out what we can do with our hands. Love River Tamagawa Association believes that the most important thing to solve this issue is the cooperation among local government, businesses and citizens, having the same goal to improve our natural environment.

# Activity

The main activity of Love River Tamagawa Association is cleaning and recreation. At the bank of the Tama river, cleaning and recreation take place to nurture caring hearts for our natural environment and to allow people to become more familiar with the Tama river.

# Application for the membership

There is no application for our membership. Everyone, who loves natural environment and who is interested in our activity, is very welcome!

# Contribution

Love River Tamagawa Association is supported with the contributions from citizens, businesses and government. Contribution is, in other words, donations of knowledge, ability, technology, facility and funds from citizens, businesses and government to improve our society.
For example, businesses offer funds, products and individuals offer their time, efforts and knowledge to our society.

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